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Founder, George Rodriguez talks about the philosophy behind Rodrigo Cigars and "The Boutique Way".


Why I do this... (make and sell cigars)

October 30, 2014

There I was, in a hospital bed staring up at a blurred ceiling and in excruciating pain... My wife was sitting beside me. Crying her eyes out... and in the most convincing tone I could muster, I told her "everything will be all right..." (and I honestly believed that!). She said "no it won't George... you have no job, your health insurance expires at the end of the month. You're ruined and you're going to go bankrupt and our family is going to suffer for a long time. We're going to lose our home, and it's all because of your selfishness and your stupidity. The kids and I would be better off if you had died".Yes she actually did say... Continue Reading →

Vice Picks - August featuring La Fortaleza Absoluto

August 10, 2014

First time around with Tony and Craig was so nice I had to do it twice!



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