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The Leaf by Oscar Story...

Have you seen this man???

This of course is my good friend "Island Jim". 

Jim is the proprietor of the world famous Leaf & Bean located in the Strip District of Pittsburgh.

Do you know what happens when Jim decides to make a cigar???

First he hooks up with this cat...

This is Oscar Valladares.

If you've ever been on a Rocky Patel tour in Honduras then you know Oscar.

He is the guy who drove you from the airport to the compound, at 70 mph, in a bus, on a dirt road. You probably have nightmares about Oscar.


A couple of years ago Jim goes on one of his usual jaunts to Central America cigar country and spends some time with Oscar, who now makes some killer cigars in his own factory now in Danli.

Legend has it that after a long day of doing whatever Jim does at a cigar factory, Jim decided to take a cigar for the road.

He looked for something to put his cigar in to keep it fresh and protect it, like a plastic bag perhaps, but no such luck.

So Jim looks around and then decides to do something that would later become known as a stroke of simple genius.

Jim grabs a spare tobacco leaf and wraps his naked cigar with it.

Nobody really thought anything of it at the time, but when Jim took out his cigar to smoke it the next day he noticed something when he removed the cigar from its protective leaf - it had a particularly interesting oily patina on the cigar :)

This is a good thing for a cigar... The cigar was not only protected but mother nature had provided some additional oils to the cigar.

And here's what eventually evolved from this simple packaging solution:

Pretty cool, huh???

Fast forward to present day and the "LEAF" cigar by Oscar is one of the hottest cigars on the market. 

Seriously... every shop that has these cigars sells out of them on a regular basis because they are just that damn good.

If you want one you have to trek over to Jim's shop in Pittsburgh to get it, or find a real cigar shop that carries cool cigars like The LEAF, but if you don't have a shop like this nearby then you'll have a tough time finding this cigar.

These cigars are NOT sold on the usual internet cigar sites. Go ahead and look for them. You won't find 'em at any big discount sites.

If you're interested in trying these cigars I highly suggest you order NOW...

So what are you waiting for amigo? Order here...

Smoke & Enjoy...
Chief Amigo, Rodrigo Cigars, Inc.

PS I'm going to say it one more time in case you weren't paying attention - these cigars really are the rave right now. I'm not joking, they sell tons of them in every shop that carries them and people all over the world have been asking for them. The construction, aroma, flavor, strength and finish of each of the blends are superb. They are fun to unpack and smoke and I guarantee you're going to love LEAF by Oscar. If you don't just let me know and I will refund your money.