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They all laughed at me... and then they lit the cigar!


Yute (pronounced "you-teh") is a special project by Eduardo Lara, owner of Edolara Cigars, based in Santiago, Dominican Republic.



Here's what Eduardo had to say about how this interesting concept came about:


Yute... it's a natural textile used in processing of tobacco. You see it from the fields, to the fermentation rooms, to the final packs ready to be sold to the factories.

Earlier this year I was walking through the factory. It was my birthday and I always have a special cigar saved for my birthday. This time it was supposed to be El Compartir Robusto, but I shipped them all to the US!

So there I was, without my special birthday cigar :(

I had to find something to smoke... I walked into the aging room and found a bundle of cigars dated from 2012. I figured it was ok to smoke them because they all had broken caps. Apparently some of them were supposed to be repaired because they had the caps cut completely off, nice and straight.

I asked my tabaquero friend to apply a cap on the straight cut to see how it looked - he thought I was crazy but I really liked it! 

We then cut the caps off all of the remaining cigars and put new caps on "flathead" style. 

I was a happy smoker - I now had my "birthday cigar", BUT I needed to give it a name!

For the next hour I sat with the tabaqueros and they kept throwing out funny names, mocking me... so I responded with my own joke of a name - I grabbed my knife and cut a piece of yute to use as a makeshift band and I called it "Yute"!

They all laughed at me... until they lit the cigar!

Everyone loved it.

And that's how the "Yute" cigar was created.

- Eduardo Lara, Owner, Edolara Cigars


NOTE - we are now selling the final batch of Yute cigars. Eduardo Lara has announced his retirement from the cigar business and has shipped the last of these fine and rare cigars exclusively to RodrigoCigars.com.

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