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Reclaimed Iron Ashtray

One of kind ashtrays hand forged from reclaimed factory iron.

There's a slightly rusty patina on them.

They are made by firing the metal up to an ungodly temperature and then molding them into shape. Then the base, tray and the cigar rest are welded together.

No, it's not a $1,000 Davidoff ashtray, but you're going to want to show it off to your friends nonetheless. And unlike the Davidoff, you can use it to smash things.

This is a personal piece of cigar paraphernalia.

When you hold it you will feel hundreds of years of American industry in your hand. When your cigar rests on it, it will rest on something substantial that will outlive you and your grandchildren.

This is not an overly priced "restoration hardware" item imported from a factory in China that was made to look old.

It is authentic, pure and made imperfectly in Pittsburgh, USA.